Do you have ordinary skin?

    Normal skin types can be handled with a broad spectrum of moisturizers, toners, and facial masks without worrying about negative responses (apart from allergic reactions, which you should be sure to ask about before any face therapy). A typical facial (most frequently, a deep cleaning or European-style facial) for ordinary skin types involves exfoliation, moisturizing massage, a profound cleansing facial mask (to clean your pores) and applying a protective serum and under-eye gel to refresh and raise your skin.

    Do you have an oily skin?

    If you have oily skin that is susceptible to acne outbreaks, the facial treatments you choose need to be cautious. Traditional facials that massage oils into the skin will block pores and boost your skin's oiliness, which may cause more acne. A profound cleansing or European facial with extractions may assist remove oil and unblock pores, but the way to go may be a more extensive facial acne. Try finding a good diamond facial kit on online shopping sites.

    Do you have any good lines or wrinkles?

    You should look at oxygen facials and European facials for anti-aging characteristics, both of which leave the skin looking refreshed and healthy and are believed to decrease or slow signs of aging. More intensive treatments to remove lines, wrinkles, or even minor scarring may include dermabrasion or microdermabrasion–or even some sort of chemical peel (which may decrease deeper wrinkles or scars). You can find a good gold facial kit on online shopping sites.

    You should understand that micro-dermabrasions are not only useful for decreasing wrinkles: this exfoliating facial can be very efficient if your skin feels worn out, dry, or you just want a refreshed look. By removing ancient, dead skin and debris and subsequently refreshing your skin with moisturizers, microdermabrasion facials will offer you a new glow that lasts a while!

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  2. Beauty Blende Looks Always Start With The Art of Blending | Blue Heaven

    Beauty Blende Looks Always Start With The Art of Blending | Blue Heaven

    The best makeup looks always start with the art of blending. That’s right, in order to achieve that perfect makeup, you got to have a smooth even tone blend. That’s where a makeup blender plays an important role.

    Blue Heaven has recently launched ‘Makeup Blender’ that is being called the best make up blender in the price range. It’s soft, smooth, latex-free and thus tops the charts.

    The best thing about the product is its utility. It comes in 3 distant shapes for high precision application.

    How to use the product?

    The first step is wetting your sponge.

    You should never use a dry makeup sponge to apply foundation. Soak it under water until it's fully saturated. Then squish out excess water. This will prevent the sponge to from soaking excess foundation.

    1. The pointed the area of the blender should be used to apply curvy areas like eyes and nose.
    2. Use the base to cover the area of cheeks, foreheads and neck.

    Next, pour or depending on the container, dip the sponge into foundation. Then, slowly dab the sponge onto your skin. Bouncing action allows the product to melt into your skin hereby creating a flawless finish.

    Use Blue Haven makeup blender’s pointy-edge side to reach areas like around the nose.

    However, something that is standard for any blender is the cleaning. Since, you it’s a personal use product and must be used on the infection prone area. It needs to be frequently cleaned. Use a gentle dish wash or handwash to clean and sanitise your blender. Make sure that it is completely dry and store it in a cool and dry place for long life.

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  3. Your new favourite mascara is here

    Your new favourite mascara is here

    Key Features

    Waterproof formula

    The Florina Mascara

    With a waterproof formula that ensures your lashes look just the way you want them to even when it rains. But you could always re-apply to get the lift just right enough

    Long lasting

    The Blue Heaven FlorinaVolumising Mascara, with its long lasting feature, ensures that your eyelashes stay spot-on for long hours at a stretch without any requirement for reapplication.

    Adds volume to the lashes

    The mascara is especially made to not only make your eyelashes look bigger but also thicker and volumised.

    Easy application

    The applicator has been designed for easy and efficient application on your lashes.

    Soft on Eyes

    The mascara is perfect for all eyes as the formula isn't hard on your lashes and the way the applicator is designed ensures that your eyes are not affected at all.

    The Blue Heaven FlorinaVolumising Mascara deserves to be in your make-up kit. Because why not.You do not want your eyelashes to be deprived.

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  4. Dip And Twist Done With a Formula Meant For Fast And Effective Action |  Blue Heaven

    Dip And Twist Done With a Formula Meant For Fast And Effective Action | Blue Heaven

    Key Features

    Effective cleaning


    With a formula meant for fast and effective action, you just have to dip and twist your fingers. It cleans your nails even at edges where an ordinary nail enamel remover may fail to clean without constant rubbing using a cotton.

    Budget friendly

    The packaging is sturdy so it is travel friendly and it is also super affordable. So, you can just buy it without thinking twice.

    Easy to carry

    You can use it anytime and anywhere since it is small enough to carry around and easy enough to use. There is no chance of spillage because it isn't just liquid in a bottle.

    There is no reason for you to not buy the Blue Heaven Dip & Twist Nail Paint Remover.

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  5. Glame Up Those Eyes Without The Fear of Breaking It | Blue Heaven

    Glame Up Those Eyes Without The Fear of Breaking It | Blue Heaven

    Travel friendly

    It is designed as a sturdy palette that ensures you can carry it around without the fear of breaking it. Unlike popular assumptions about eye shadow palettes being expensive, this is priced perfectly so you can buy it without having to save up.

    Variety of hues

    It has the perfect arrangement of colours so on every occasion, your eyes have the perfect glittering hue to let you shine.

    Smooth formula

    The formula is buttery smooth so just a soft dab and blend is just all it needs to be applied.

    Perfect combination of colours

    The hues are chosen properly and every commonly used colour has been put into the palette. There is red and pink, maroon and magenta, blue, and also dark blue, purple, white, yellow and orange, green and grey. You could combine colours too and create your own shades to suit the look.

    Intense colours

    The intensity of the colours in the palette is enough to not make it look too loud and at the same time, just right to get you compliments for the glittering eyes.

    Buy it and you would never regret.

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  6. Line Design Shine Make It Perfect Without Practice | Blue Heaven

    Line Design Shine Make It Perfect Without Practice | Blue Heaven

    No practice required

    Make it perfect, without practice. The perfect wing or the simple thin line, the dramatic double wing or just a light lift, you can design and sketch however you wish on your eye line with the Blue Heaven Line & Design Sketch Eyeliner.

    Perfect for beginners

    Perfect fit for a beginner's make-up kit and even better for the pros, this sketch eyeliner is extremely easy to use. It is as easy as drawing a line with a pen.

    Long lasting formula

    With a liquid-based formula in sketch pen structure, the liner doesn't smudge easily. It can stay on for long. Even when you are in a hurry, you can apply it in one go without much hassle.

    Sturdy packaging

    It is simply but sturdily packed and is like a pen, so one can carry it around always. It is also very budget-friendly. You wouldn't have to trade price for quality.

    So, we recommend you buy it. If you are looking for a new eyeliner or just for a change, this is a perfect match.

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  7. Non Transfer Lipstick- The Revolutionary Super Stay Lip Hues

    Non Transfer Lipstick- The Revolutionary Super Stay Lip Hues

    You might find a new favorite lipstick with us!

    The lasting and gorgeous matte texture of the Blue Heaven Non-Transfer Lipsticks gives you the picture-perfect lips. Why should this lipstick collection be in your make- up kit?

    We have all the answers.

    With a Non- transfer formula, it only colours your lips and doesn't bleed. Your glasses and dresses will be stain-proof of lipsticks.

    It’s long lasting feature ensures that the lipstick stays on for hours at a stretch without a need for touch ups. It has a Soft Matte Finish in just one effortless glide, so, no hassle in application. The packaging is sturdy to make it travel-friendly so you don't worry about neither your lips nor broken lipsticks. The Lipsticks are designed to suit all Indian skin tones because we believe what is natural is already beautiful, we only help you enhance it.

    The Lipsticks are available in eighteen different shades for you to never run out of options. Go seductive with an exotic red or subtle with a caramel cult. With the names befitting the colours, no trouble lies in choosing just the right shade for the day.

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  8. How to find the right foundation?

    How to find the right foundation?

    Give a girl the right foundation and she will slay the look!

    Hey Beauty Junkies, finding the right foundation is one of the toughest tasks for makeup fanatics. It’s complicated, its tough and there are good chances that you might make the wrong choice by yourself.

    With so many options all around, here’s a classic handy guide on ‘How to select the best foundation for your skin’.

    Know Your Foundation Formula

    Take this short quiz to determine the product that best suits you.

    What’s your skin type?

      1. Oily/combination
      2. Dry
      3. Normal
      4. Sensitive

    What's your chief foundation complaint?

      1. It disappears fast.
      2. It turns flaky and dull.
      3. It feels cakey
      4. It irritates my skin.

    What do you wish to solve with foundation?

      1. Large pores and acne
      2. Fine lines and brown spots
      3. Blend minor imperfections.
      4. Redness

    What is the look that you are trying to achieve?

    1. matte
    2. dewy
    3. natural
    4. even

    Your Foundation Results

    If you scored...

    Mostly A's- Go oil free!

    When you apply a foundation with oils over already oily skin, it gets slick, causing

    your foundation to break down and slide off.

    In this case its best to opt for an oil-free liquid foundation like Blue Heaven oil-free foundation, that will stay on longer and will not clog your pores. You will be able to carry a matte look all day. Mostly B's/Go for a creamy formula.

    Nourish and hydrate your skin with slightly heavy formula like Florina Silky Smooth Foundation Mostly C's/Try a lighter formula

    Lucky you! You're blessed with low-maintenance skin. You can also can wear any foundation. You can select any foundation from the range! Hurray!

    Mostly D's/Correct and cover If you're the sensitive type, makeup is for you. You can achieve fine finish with soft texture Face Glow Cream.

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  9. Mintz Mascara

    Mintz Mascara

    Get the Perfect curl for your lashes with Blue heavenMintzVolumising Mascara
    Get long, luscious lashes with Blue heaven Mintz Volumising Mascara.
    Ladies! You should always use ‘NATURAL Mascara’! Are you perplexed, what the term actually means? To make it simple, Natural Mascara means free from harmful chemicals, that doesn’t cause irritation, allergic reactions, and fake minerals or any other negative effects on your beautiful eyes.

    Nowadays in markets, there are hundreds of products which gives false promises to their Customers, so how we can choose the one best product from the rest? Will help in you that

    One brand which is better than the rest and it’s none other than Blue heaven which is trustworthy,
    reliable, 100% affordable, made up of best ingredients; and much more. So we’ve gathered one of our favorite healthier products, Mintz Volumising Mascara enhancers truly live up to the standards of a conventional formula .

    Define the lashes of your eyes with the Blue Heaven Mintz Volumising Mascara. It is water resistant and gives you well defined eyelashes with just one stroke. It comes with an intense black color which makes your eyelashes long and voluminous.

    Key Features -

    • Give Volume & Length to your eyelashes
    • Intense Black Finish
    • Redefines Your Eyes
    • Does Not Smudge Easily
    • It is Flake Free
    • Individually Separates & Defines Each Lash
    • The Applicator Brush Allows Even Application On The Lashes
    • Water Resistant Formula
    • Oil Free Formula
    • Dries Up Quickly
    • Fragrance Free
    • Comes in Small Attractive Packaging Which Makes It Portable
    • Enriched With Natural Ingredients
    How to Apply -

    Hold the applicator brush slightly in a vertical position while applying mascara to the lower lashes and then moves towards the tip of the eye lash. Gently stroke from the root to the tip of the eyelashes, remove any scattered mascara, which may be gathered around the eyes with a cotton ball. Let the First Coat dry and then only apply the second coat.

    Tip - Remember to remove your eye makeup before going to bed.

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  10. 8 hours of glam lips – Non-transfer lip color

    8 hours of glam lips – Non-transfer lip color

    Lipstick has forever been such an important part of a woman’s cosmetic kit and rightly so. Lipstick completes the overall look of the makeup and makes your makeup look even more gorgeous and glamorous. There are n numbers of lipsticks available in the market but only a few are able to make that kind of an impact on your makeup kitty.

    For those still wondering, we are talking about the non-transfer lip color that stays on your lips for the longest hours and remains non-transfer for absolute lip addiction. A woman clearly wants a dash of makeup for all the important occasions. And when you something like a non-transfer lip color in your makeup box that serves with rich color sensation without any smudge or hassle, you’re almost done! Speaking of the richly pigmented non-transfer lip color, here are some of its features for endless looks.

    Waterproof formula

    The lip color comes with a strong adherence to water and stays on your lips even after you wash your face. The waterproof formula makes sure that your lipstick stays for long.

    Long stay up to 8 hours

    The lip color stays straight up to 8 hours for your ongoing party glamour. You just need to apply it once and you’re done for 8 long hours.

    Rich finish

    Enriched with rich ingredients; the lip color gives a crack-free rich finish for 8 hours. The color comes out to be really matte and rich in its appearance. Each color has its own rich property for a color that grabs all the eyeballs.

    Matte finish

    Non-transfer lip color comes in a super fantastic matte finish without being dry or rough. Matte finish stays for the longest hours and gives your lips a bolder and attractive look. For those who are a big fan of matte colors, this one is the pick for you.

    Easy application & removal

    If you’re wondering if it will be difficult to remove the lip color, read this. It’s super easy to apply and remove the lip color according to your condition. For those still looking out for a lip color that gives your lips the ultimate glam finish, go for the richly pigmented non-transferable lip color in so many different shades.

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  11. Face the world with the right face foundation

    Face the world with the right face foundation

    Face the world with the right face foundation

    You might be a person with Minimum makeup likings or somebody who likes to stand out completely, face foundation is one thing that sets the base for everything. Light face coverage, a medium coverage or full-blown face coverage is necessary to keep it intact yet flawless at the same time. Also, there has to be a different skin foundation for skin type depending on the skin pigmentation. It so happens that a normal to oily skin combination goes with every skin type. But selecting a particular foundation in case skin sensitive issues is always a good idea.

    Myth about Foundation

    There’s always a recurring myth about the foundation of whether or not to use it regularly. There are different products available which act as an alternative to foundation and provide a similar texture to the skin. But is it really bad to wear a foundation every day? There are professions that require a professional to be absolutely dressed up in a prim and proper fashion with a clear flawless skin. First thing is first, a foundation that has some sort of moisturizing content in it and suits your skin type will never harm your skin. You can easily use it as a moisturizing alternative which will simultaneously smoothen your skin as well. Secondly, there are a lot of talks about skin not being able to breathe because of makeup. To put this straight, respiration in our body happens through lungs and not through the face.

    The real truth is that when you apply a foundation which complements your skin tone, it creates a protective layer on your skin and makes your skin even more protected.

    Foundations are good to go

    If you’ve got your hands on the right shade and right kind of foundation, your everyday essential is pretty much sorted. One need not worry about unnecessary makeup myths. Keep your foundation handy for the everyday instant makeup look like pro.

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  12. Primer Perfect Glow Face Primer | Blue Heaven Cosmetics

    Primer Perfect Glow Face Primer | Blue Heaven Cosmetics

    Face primers weren’t even a thing a few years back. But from the time they have been introduced in the makeup market, it’s never looking back since. Makeup primer is essentially a base set up to prepare your face as a canvas for smooth and radiating makeup application. This gives your face an even finish for long.

    Why should you use a Primer?

    • Face primers hold on with the makeup for a longer period of time keeping it intact. For those who are in it for a no-makeup look, primer works the best for them.

    • Skin perfecting effect is easy to achieve with a good primer. It evens out the skin tone and acts as a lighter foundation alternative.

    • Fine lines and blur spots can be instantly smoothened with a good primer.
      Choosing the perfect primer

    Choosing the perfect primer

    A first thing first is to choose a primer that suits your skin type best. The ideal thing to do is to choose a primer that fits any skin type. These primers serve a variety of purposes when considering the sensitive skin as well.

    Primer is a boon for those struggling with blur lines and fine lines or those who have a calm irritation in the skin and want to achieve a radiant glow. A little primer application sets a base canvas for the makeup which eventually enhances the effect of makeup to its maximum.

    For those eyeing for a, no makeup but makeup look on a daily basis; primers works perfectly for them. A little primer instead of a heavy foundation works best for daily.

    How to apply the Primer

    Primer is your one-stop destination to achieve a prime perfect look. Its therefore important o know the basic method of applying a primer the right way to achieve that perfect flawless glow.

    1. Use your fingertips to apply the primer as it really helps the product to blend with the skin tone carefully.

    2. Wash your skin with a gentle soothing cleanser before applying the primer.

    3. Apply a skin type pro foundation gently on the face.

    4. Drop by drop, apply primer and blend it evenly.

    The primer has become the got makeup cosmetic to achieve an all-day glow. 

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  13. Ace the Makeup with a perfect Sketch Eyeliner

    Ace the Makeup with a perfect Sketch Eyeliner

    The eyes are said to be the most creative and experimental part of a woman's face. So if you’ve nailed
    the eye makeup, you’ve got it all. And with fashion and makeup business doing so much more, eyeliner
    has advanced a lot more.

    Eyeliners have always been an evergreen thing when talking about a complete makeup look. But
    applying nice and perfectly aced eyeliner is quite a technique. Eyeliner application can either break your
    entire look or it makes your face look one in a million. It all depends on how you choose to apply your

    Why sketch eyeliner?

    Eyeliner works the best if you hold the right grip on it. Brush liquid eyeliners are impressive and look
    absolutely glossy but the modern makeup industry has switched to sketch eyeliners. And this most
    recent inventory in the fashion business has taken the market by a storm.

    Sketch eyeliners are designed exactly like a fine tipped sketch pen. It’s easy to apply and is absolutely
    hassling free. All you really need to do is take a sketch eyeliner ad glide across the upper lash line of the
    eye for a smooth and effortless eyeliner stroke.

    You can achieve the perfect winged liner look in just a few steps.

    1. Apply an eye primer to even out any patches or color correction around the eye.
    2. Start by applying the liner in the line of the upper lash line. Stay as close as possible to the lash line, Make smaller strokes.

    3. Go in the flow of the imaginary eye line meeting the eyebrow. This will prevent any kind of

    4. Once the base is done, you can recoat the eyeliner for the right amount of thickness. To get that extra oomph, curl your eyelashes and add drama with your Mascara.

    Get that oomph look in absolute easy strokes with the sketch liner. Now hold on to the grip for your kind  of eyeliner style.

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  14. Face powder for an all-day glow

    Face powder for an all-day glow

    Setting powders are nothing less than a surprise when desiring for a long-lasting makeup. Loose powders effectively conceal pores, conceal all the face imperfections and reduce extra shine from the face. Your face gets just the right kind of finishing touch with a face powder. Setting powders work best in summers. With a little touch of lip liner and lipstick and a bit of loose powder, you are all good to go.

    How to choose the right loose powder

    Choosing the right shade for your face powder is the most important thing. The best way to do it is to match the tone with your jawline to avoid any discoloration. The slightest difference in the color shows quite evidently. You can always follow some handy rules to ace the setting powder look.

    Right Shade

    You can really go wrong with is the shade of your setting powder. Wrong powder shades make your skin look patchy and chalky the best thing to do while picking up a face powder is to choose a setting powder that is exactly of your skin shade. A tone darker would still do justice but the powder cannot be any shade lighter. In case there isn’t an exact match to your shade, it is always preferred to have a
    transparent face powder for the best finish.

    The right way to apply it

    The best and the most correct way to apply a loose setting powder is to use a sheer brush. This keeps the finish absolutely flawless.
    If you are not carrying a nice sheer brush, you can always apply the powder through your fingertips on your face and neck. Make sure that the color has been blend equally to avoid any patchiness.
    Loose powders are always a better option over compacts any day. This is because of the kind of full coverage they provide to the skin with an all-rounder perfection glow.

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  15. the new fashion from paris

    the new fashion from paris

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