How to find the right foundation?

How to find the right foundation?

Give a girl the right foundation and she will slay the look!

Hey Beauty Junkies, finding the right foundation is one of the toughest tasks for makeup fanatics. It’s complicated, its tough and there are good chances that you might make the wrong choice by yourself.

With so many options all around, here’s a classic handy guide on ‘How to select the best foundation for your skin’.

Know Your Foundation Formula

Take this short quiz to determine the product that best suits you.

What’s your skin type?

    1. Oily/combination
    2. Dry
    3. Normal
    4. Sensitive

What's your chief foundation complaint?

    1. It disappears fast.
    2. It turns flaky and dull.
    3. It feels cakey
    4. It irritates my skin.

What do you wish to solve with foundation?

    1. Large pores and acne
    2. Fine lines and brown spots
    3. Blend minor imperfections.
    4. Redness

What is the look that you are trying to achieve?

  1. matte
  2. dewy
  3. natural
  4. even

Your Foundation Results

If you scored...

Mostly A's- Go oil free!

When you apply a foundation with oils over already oily skin, it gets slick, causing

your foundation to break down and slide off.

In this case its best to opt for an oil-free liquid foundation like Blue Heaven oil-free foundation, that will stay on longer and will not clog your pores. You will be able to carry a matte look all day. Mostly B's/Go for a creamy formula.

Nourish and hydrate your skin with slightly heavy formula like Florina Silky Smooth Foundation Mostly C's/Try a lighter formula

Lucky you! You're blessed with low-maintenance skin. You can also can wear any foundation. You can select any foundation from the range! Hurray!

Mostly D's/Correct and cover If you're the sensitive type, makeup is for you. You can achieve fine finish with soft texture Face Glow Cream.

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