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  1. Your new favourite mascara is here

    Your new favourite mascara is here

    Key Features

    Waterproof formula

    The Florina Mascara

    With a waterproof formula that ensures your lashes look just the way you want them to even when it rains. But you could always re-apply to get the lift just right enough

    Long lasting

    The Blue Heaven FlorinaVolumising Mascara, with its long lasting feature, ensures that your eyelashes stay spot-on for long hours at a stretch without any requirement for reapplication.

    Adds volume to the lashes

    The mascara is especially made to not only make your eyelashes look bigger but also thicker and volumised.

    Easy application

    The applicator has been designed for easy and efficient application on your lashes.

    Soft on Eyes

    The mascara is perfect for all eyes as the formula isn't hard on your lashes and the way the applicator is designed ensures that your eyes are not affected at all.

    The Blue Heaven FlorinaVolumising Mascara deserves to be in your make-up kit. Because why not.You do not want your eyelashes to be deprived.

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  2. Dip And Twist Done With a Formula Meant For Fast And Effective Action | Blue Heaven

    Dip And Twist Done With a Formula Meant For Fast And Effective Action | Blue Heaven

    Key Features

    Effective cleaning


    With a formula meant for fast and effective action, you just have to dip and twist your fingers. It cleans your nails even at edges where an ordinary nail enamel remover may fail to clean without constant rubbing using a cotton.

    Budget friendly

    The packaging is sturdy so it is travel friendly and it is also super affordable. So, you can just buy it without thinking twice.

    Easy to carry

    You can use it anytime and anywhere since it is small enough to carry around and easy enough to use. There is no chance of spillage because it isn't just liquid in a bottle.

    There is no reason for you to not buy the Blue Heaven Dip & Twist Nail Paint Remover.

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  3. Glame Up Those Eyes Without The Fear of Breaking It | Blue Heaven

    Glame Up Those Eyes Without The Fear of Breaking It | Blue Heaven

    Travel friendly

    It is designed as a sturdy palette that ensures you can carry it around without the fear of breaking it. Unlike popular assumptions about eye shadow palettes being expensive, this is priced perfectly so you can buy it without having to save up.

    Variety of hues

    It has the perfect arrangement of colours so on every occasion, your eyes have the perfect glittering hue to let you shine.

    Smooth formula

    The formula is buttery smooth so just a soft dab and blend is just all it needs to be applied.

    Perfect combination of colours

    The hues are chosen properly and every commonly used colour has been put into the palette. There is red and pink, maroon and magenta, blue, and also dark blue, purple, white, yellow and orange, green and grey. You could combine colours too and create your own shades to suit the look.

    Intense colours

    The intensity of the colours in the palette is enough to not make it look too loud and at the same time, just right to get you compliments for the glittering eyes.

    Buy it and you would never regret.

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  4. Line Design Shine Make It Perfect Without Practice | Blue Heaven

    Line Design Shine Make It Perfect Without Practice | Blue Heaven

    No practice required

    Make it perfect, without practice. The perfect wing or the simple thin line, the dramatic double wing or just a light lift, you can design and sketch however you wish on your eye line with the Blue Heaven Line & Design Sketch Eyeliner.

    Perfect for beginners

    Perfect fit for a beginner's make-up kit and even better for the pros, this sketch eyeliner is extremely easy to use. It is as easy as drawing a line with a pen.

    Long lasting formula

    With a liquid-based formula in sketch pen structure, the liner doesn't smudge easily. It can stay on for long. Even when you are in a hurry, you can apply it in one go without much hassle.

    Sturdy packaging

    It is simply but sturdily packed and is like a pen, so one can carry it around always. It is also very budget-friendly. You wouldn't have to trade price for quality.

    So, we recommend you buy it. If you are looking for a new eyeliner or just for a change, this is a perfect match.

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