Beauty Blende Looks Always Start With The Art of Blending | Blue Heaven

Beauty Blende Looks Always Start With The Art of Blending | Blue Heaven

The best makeup looks always start with the art of blending. That’s right, in order to achieve that perfect makeup, you got to have a smooth even tone blend. That’s where a makeup blender plays an important role.

Blue Heaven has recently launched ‘Makeup Blender’ that is being called the best make up blender in the price range. It’s soft, smooth, latex-free and thus tops the charts.

The best thing about the product is its utility. It comes in 3 distant shapes for high precision application.

How to use the product?

The first step is wetting your sponge.

You should never use a dry makeup sponge to apply foundation. Soak it under water until it's fully saturated. Then squish out excess water. This will prevent the sponge to from soaking excess foundation.

  1. The pointed the area of the blender should be used to apply curvy areas like eyes and nose.
  2. Use the base to cover the area of cheeks, foreheads and neck.

Next, pour or depending on the container, dip the sponge into foundation. Then, slowly dab the sponge onto your skin. Bouncing action allows the product to melt into your skin hereby creating a flawless finish.

Use Blue Haven makeup blender’s pointy-edge side to reach areas like around the nose.

However, something that is standard for any blender is the cleaning. Since, you it’s a personal use product and must be used on the infection prone area. It needs to be frequently cleaned. Use a gentle dish wash or handwash to clean and sanitise your blender. Make sure that it is completely dry and store it in a cool and dry place for long life.

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