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  1. The Evolving Importance of Makeup

    The Evolving Importance of Makeup

    Cosmetics enhances appearance. Right from the olden times, the art of Makeup prevailed. The Egyptians are considered to be the first ones to use cosmetics/ makeup to beautify their looks. Of course, Makeup, then, was limited to the simplest basics. And, it was the women who practised the beautification steps.

    However, today, Makeup is of huge importance to both men and women. And why not! Feeling beautiful is not a crime and anyone can enhance their look if that's what they want! Read on to know more about why Makeup and cosmetics play a strong role in this modern era.

     People use Makeup to elevate confidence/ self-esteem. It helps many individuals to look attractive & young. The beauty industry produces many products every year in different forms such as face powders, eyeshadows, lipstick, creams, perfumes, hair extensions, nail polishes, and so many more. The best part is that we can easily buy makeup products online in the comfort of our own home.

    • Face powders add glow to the face.

    • Lipsticks give an instant radiance to the face.

    • Perfumes allow the wearer to smell and feel beautiful.

    • Creams beautify the skin and aids in keeping it youthful.

    • Eyeliners, eyeshadows, mascara, fake lashes, eye pencils, eye shimmers, etc. pop the eyes in so many ways.

    • Makeup removers come with skin aiding agents. You can buy makeup remover of your choice as almost every beauty brand has its collection of makeup removers.

    • Foundations cover the blemishes and give a filter-like face.

    • Haircare is in high demand. It is becoming a significant need for both sexes.

    Cosmetics go beyond just the fashion & beauty industry. It is now increasingly used in every other sector. Makeup is also improving vastly in terms of positive benefits. What was once known for beautification is no longer just limited to beauty. Thanks to advanced medical researches, it is of understanding that cosmetics also aid in protecting the skin from the UV rays.

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  2. Post-Facial Tips

    Post-Facial Tips

    After a heavenly facial treatment, there are steps to be followed to keep the skin glowing and beautiful! Whether you buy facial kit online and do it yourself at home or from a beauty salon- Here is a list of don’ts for the post-facial. Read on!

    • Avoid scrubbing the face for at least a couple of days. It may irritate the skin and ruin the glow gained from the previous facial.

    • Stay away from a strong face wash. Stick to face cleansing with gentle soaps/liquid to retain the moisture.

    • Do not go for face-steam. During facial treatment, your pores open up. The steam may cause skin rash by tearing the capillaries.

    • Avoid the application of cream or sunscreen on the face on the day of facial treatment.

    • Do not go for glam makeup immediately after the facial. The makeup products may ruin the already polished skin due to the enriched chemicals in them. Always get your facial done in advance if you need to attend an event.

    • The sun is not your friend on a facial day. Do not let the sun kiss the skin post the facial. Stay indoors for the rest of the day and allow your skin to breathe.

    • Do not make the mistake of not drinking water. Hydration is the key. Drink enough water post facial to lock the lush of the skin.

    • Avoid other beauty treatments like threading, waxing, laser, etc. Get them done before the facial or only 3-4 days after the facial.

    • Avoid touching the face post the facial treatment. Keep your hands locked away and don’t let them come near the freshly polished surface.

    • Generally, the salon experts give the dos and don’ts instruction or tips after the facial treatment is over. Follow them religiously to retain the facial glow for as long as possible.

    Facial treatments give the skin a beauty transformation. It leaves the skin softer and cleaner. Do your research before heading out for facial service. And, if time doesn’t allow you to spend hours for a facial spa, do it yourself. Search buy facial kit online India online for various options. Happy facial pampering!

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  3. Lipstick: For Always Looking Good

    Lipstick: For Always Looking Good

    Putting on perfectly coloured lips the whole time is impossible. It's not fair, but sometimes it is what it is. What's more, aching is the many availabilities of lip color online upon searching the internet or pretty cosmetics stores with amazing lipsticks. And, we can't help but want to buy them all. Then again, there's the agony of learning to put on lipstick the perfect way.

    But there are other important things to consider. That is why here are a few steps we have gathered to make sure your lipstick is always looking good.

    Smooth and clean lips

    The first step is to exfoliate the lips. Buff your lips gently with a wet toothbrush or a lip scrub. If you can do this every time before applying lipstick, that's great. If not, that's also okay. Just make sure you exfoliate them before applying a matte lipstick. Regular exfoliation is crucial, but it's even more necessary to do it before applying matte because this helps in preventing patches.

    Use lip balms with SPF

    Lips are like skin. They need protection from the sun just as much the skin needs it. The lips are the thinnest skin in your body which makes it even more crucial to protect. Dermatologists recommend lip balms with SPF 30 to shield it from the sun damage. So, don't forget to pamper your lips with SPF infused balm before going for the lipstick.

    Playing with colours

    Throw out the old tale of staying away from bright colours. Away with wearing lipsticks based on the skin tone. Dance with colors in marriage with your natural lip tone. For natural pink lips, colors like orange or electric pink look perfect. For less natural coloured/ pale lips, try red or cherry. And, for darker lip tone, dark shades like deep maroon would not be doing too much.

    Lipsticks are instant look enhancer. It adds radiance beautifies the face further. If you're new to the world of lipstick craze and are looking to get matte or creamy or shocking colours or nude or lip gloss, online shopping would be an excellent start. One last tip, never press and smudge the lips together, always blot!

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