1. Mintz Mascara

    Mintz Mascara

    Get the Perfect curl for your lashes with Blue heavenMintzVolumising Mascara
    Get long, luscious lashes with Blue heaven Mintz Volumising Mascara.
    Ladies! You should always use ‘NATURAL Mascara’! Are you perplexed, what the term actually means? To make it simple, Natural Mascara means free from harmful chemicals, that doesn’t cause irritation, allergic reactions, and fake minerals or any other negative effects on your beautiful eyes.

    Nowadays in markets, there are hundreds of products which gives false promises to their Customers, so how we can choose the one best product from the rest? Will help in you that

    One brand which is better than the rest and it’s none other than Blue heaven which is trustworthy,
    reliable, 100% affordable, made up of best ingredients; and much more. So we’ve gathered one of our favorite healthier products, Mintz Volumising Mascara enhancers truly live up to the standards of a conventional formula .

    Define the lashes of your eyes with the Blue Heaven Mintz Volumising Mascara. It is water resistant and gives you well defined eyelashes with just one stroke. It comes with an intense black color which makes your eyelashes long and voluminous.

    Key Features -

    • Give Volume & Length to your eyelashes
    • Intense Black Finish
    • Redefines Your Eyes
    • Does Not Smudge Easily
    • It is Flake Free
    • Individually Separates & Defines Each Lash
    • The Applicator Brush Allows Even Application On The Lashes
    • Water Resistant Formula
    • Oil Free Formula
    • Dries Up Quickly
    • Fragrance Free
    • Comes in Small Attractive Packaging Which Makes It Portable
    • Enriched With Natural Ingredients
    How to Apply -

    Hold the applicator brush slightly in a vertical position while applying mascara to the lower lashes and then moves towards the tip of the eye lash. Gently stroke from the root to the tip of the eyelashes, remove any scattered mascara, which may be gathered around the eyes with a cotton ball. Let the First Coat dry and then only apply the second coat.

    Tip - Remember to remove your eye makeup before going to bed.

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  2. Ace the Makeup with a perfect Sketch Eyeliner

    Ace the Makeup with a perfect Sketch Eyeliner

    The eyes are said to be the most creative and experimental part of a woman's face. So if you’ve nailed
    the eye makeup, you’ve got it all. And with fashion and makeup business doing so much more, eyeliner
    has advanced a lot more.

    Eyeliners have always been an evergreen thing when talking about a complete makeup look. But
    applying nice and perfectly aced eyeliner is quite a technique. Eyeliner application can either break your
    entire look or it makes your face look one in a million. It all depends on how you choose to apply your

    Why sketch eyeliner?

    Eyeliner works the best if you hold the right grip on it. Brush liquid eyeliners are impressive and look
    absolutely glossy but the modern makeup industry has switched to sketch eyeliners. And this most
    recent inventory in the fashion business has taken the market by a storm.

    Sketch eyeliners are designed exactly like a fine tipped sketch pen. It’s easy to apply and is absolutely
    hassling free. All you really need to do is take a sketch eyeliner ad glide across the upper lash line of the
    eye for a smooth and effortless eyeliner stroke.

    You can achieve the perfect winged liner look in just a few steps.

    1. Apply an eye primer to even out any patches or color correction around the eye.
    2. Start by applying the liner in the line of the upper lash line. Stay as close as possible to the lash line, Make smaller strokes.

    3. Go in the flow of the imaginary eye line meeting the eyebrow. This will prevent any kind of

    4. Once the base is done, you can recoat the eyeliner for the right amount of thickness. To get that extra oomph, curl your eyelashes and add drama with your Mascara.

    Get that oomph look in absolute easy strokes with the sketch liner. Now hold on to the grip for your kind  of eyeliner style.

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