1. Lipstick: For Always Looking Good

    Lipstick: For Always Looking Good

    Putting on perfectly coloured lips the whole time is impossible. It's not fair, but sometimes it is what it is. What's more, aching is the many availabilities of lip color online upon searching the internet or pretty cosmetics stores with amazing lipsticks. And, we can't help but want to buy them all. Then again, there's the agony of learning to put on lipstick the perfect way.

    But there are other important things to consider. That is why here are a few steps we have gathered to make sure your lipstick is always looking good.

    Smooth and clean lips

    The first step is to exfoliate the lips. Buff your lips gently with a wet toothbrush or a lip scrub. If you can do this every time before applying lipstick, that's great. If not, that's also okay. Just make sure you exfoliate them before applying a matte lipstick. Regular exfoliation is crucial, but it's even more necessary to do it before applying matte because this helps in preventing patches.

    Use lip balms with SPF

    Lips are like skin. They need protection from the sun just as much the skin needs it. The lips are the thinnest skin in your body which makes it even more crucial to protect. Dermatologists recommend lip balms with SPF 30 to shield it from the sun damage. So, don't forget to pamper your lips with SPF infused balm before going for the lipstick.

    Playing with colours

    Throw out the old tale of staying away from bright colours. Away with wearing lipsticks based on the skin tone. Dance with colors in marriage with your natural lip tone. For natural pink lips, colors like orange or electric pink look perfect. For less natural coloured/ pale lips, try red or cherry. And, for darker lip tone, dark shades like deep maroon would not be doing too much.

    Lipsticks are instant look enhancer. It adds radiance beautifies the face further. If you're new to the world of lipstick craze and are looking to get matte or creamy or shocking colours or nude or lip gloss, online shopping would be an excellent start. One last tip, never press and smudge the lips together, always blot!

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  2. Get a perfect pout! Add colour and moisture to your lips

    Get a perfect pout! Add colour and moisture to your lips

    A perfect pout for a perfect babe. Beautiful lips are such an attraction. With a rising trend of fuller and plumper lips, a good lip colour becomes a centre of attention. There is much more you need than just lip colour to improve your pout game: a lip gloss. Shop our latest collection of lip color online with our trending lip gloss online on our website.

    Saphire Matte Lip Color

    The latest edition to our amazing series of lip colours, Saphire Matte Lip Color is an intensely pigmented formula that leaves a lasting matte finish behind. It is available in 12 exciting shades to please your different moods. The lightweight lip colour comes with an applicator that helps it glide smoothly on your lips. This quick-to-dry and smudge-proof lip colour lasts for up to 8 hours.

    Non Transfer Lip Color

    Our affordable range of non-transfer lipsticks is a must-have this year. There are more than one reasons to support their use. They are water and transfer-proof and thus last for long hours. This smudge-proof matte lip colour keeps the beauty of your lips consistent throughout the day. An intense lip colour shade tells a lot about your strong and bright personality. Buy our Non Transfer Lip Color for different occasions of your life.

    Long Lasting Lip Gloss

    Our Long Lasting Lip Gloss proves that moisturised lips don’t come with a lot of costs. Our highly affordable lip gloss adds moisture and tint of glossy colour to your lips. It keeps your lips feeling hydrated all day long. This lip gloss comes with a built-in applicator that helps you apply the gloss with perfection. It is rich in vitamins to keep your lips nourished for a good feel. Get smooth, lustrous lips at just 65 rupees.

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  3. Non Transfer Lipstick- The Revolutionary Super Stay Lip Hues

    Non Transfer Lipstick- The Revolutionary Super Stay Lip Hues

    You might find a new favorite lipstick with us!

    The lasting and gorgeous matte texture of the Blue Heaven Non-Transfer Lipsticks gives you the picture-perfect lips. Why should this lipstick collection be in your make- up kit?

    We have all the answers.

    With a Non- transfer formula, it only colours your lips and doesn't bleed. Your glasses and dresses will be stain-proof of lipsticks.

    It’s long lasting feature ensures that the lipstick stays on for hours at a stretch without a need for touch ups. It has a Soft Matte Finish in just one effortless glide, so, no hassle in application. The packaging is sturdy to make it travel-friendly so you don't worry about neither your lips nor broken lipsticks. The Lipsticks are designed to suit all Indian skin tones because we believe what is natural is already beautiful, we only help you enhance it.

    The Lipsticks are available in eighteen different shades for you to never run out of options. Go seductive with an exotic red or subtle with a caramel cult. With the names befitting the colours, no trouble lies in choosing just the right shade for the day.

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  4. 8 hours of glam lips – Non-transfer lip color

    8 hours of glam lips – Non-transfer lip color

    Lipstick has forever been such an important part of a woman’s cosmetic kit and rightly so. Lipstick completes the overall look of the makeup and makes your makeup look even more gorgeous and glamorous. There are n numbers of lipsticks available in the market but only a few are able to make that kind of an impact on your makeup kitty.

    For those still wondering, we are talking about the non-transfer lip color that stays on your lips for the longest hours and remains non-transfer for absolute lip addiction. A woman clearly wants a dash of makeup for all the important occasions. And when you something like a non-transfer lip color in your makeup box that serves with rich color sensation without any smudge or hassle, you’re almost done! Speaking of the richly pigmented non-transfer lip color, here are some of its features for endless looks.

    Waterproof formula

    The lip color comes with a strong adherence to water and stays on your lips even after you wash your face. The waterproof formula makes sure that your lipstick stays for long.

    Long stay up to 8 hours

    The lip color stays straight up to 8 hours for your ongoing party glamour. You just need to apply it once and you’re done for 8 long hours.

    Rich finish

    Enriched with rich ingredients; the lip color gives a crack-free rich finish for 8 hours. The color comes out to be really matte and rich in its appearance. Each color has its own rich property for a color that grabs all the eyeballs.

    Matte finish

    Non-transfer lip color comes in a super fantastic matte finish without being dry or rough. Matte finish stays for the longest hours and gives your lips a bolder and attractive look. For those who are a big fan of matte colors, this one is the pick for you.

    Easy application & removal

    If you’re wondering if it will be difficult to remove the lip color, read this. It’s super easy to apply and remove the lip color according to your condition. For those still looking out for a lip color that gives your lips the ultimate glam finish, go for the richly pigmented non-transferable lip color in so many different shades.

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