Glame up those eyes

Glame up those eyes

Travel friendly

It is designed as a sturdy palette that ensures you can carry it around without the fear of breaking it. Unlike popular assumptions about eye shadow palettes being expensive, this is priced perfectly so you can buy it without having to save up.

Variety of hues

It has the perfect arrangement of colours so on every occasion, your eyes have the perfect glittering hue to let you shine.

Smooth formula

The formula is buttery smooth so just a soft dab and blend is just all it needs to be applied.

Perfect combination of colours

The hues are chosen properly and every commonly used colour has been put into the palette. There is red and pink, maroon and magenta, blue, and also dark blue, purple, white, yellow and orange, green and grey. You could combine colours too and create your own shades to suit the look.

Intense colours

The intensity of the colours in the palette is enough to not make it look too loud and at the same time, just right to get you compliments for the glittering eyes.

Buy it and you would never regret.