Your new favourite mascara is here

Your new favourite mascara is here

Key Features

Waterproof formula

The Florina Mascara

With a waterproof formula that ensures your lashes look just the way you want them to even when it rains. But you could always re-apply to get the lift just right enough

Long lasting

The Blue Heaven FlorinaVolumising Mascara, with its long lasting feature, ensures that your eyelashes stay spot-on for long hours at a stretch without any requirement for reapplication.

Adds volume to the lashes

The mascara is especially made to not only make your eyelashes look bigger but also thicker and volumised.

Easy application

The applicator has been designed for easy and efficient application on your lashes.

Soft on Eyes

The mascara is perfect for all eyes as the formula isn't hard on your lashes and the way the applicator is designed ensures that your eyes are not affected at all.

The Blue Heaven FlorinaVolumising Mascara deserves to be in your make-up kit. Because why not.You do not want your eyelashes to be deprived.