Lipstick: For Always Looking Good

Lipstick: For Always Looking Good

Putting on perfectly coloured lips the whole time is impossible. It's not fair, but sometimes it is what it is. What's more, aching is the many availabilities of lip color online upon searching the internet or pretty cosmetics stores with amazing lipsticks. And, we can't help but want to buy them all. Then again, there's the agony of learning to put on lipstick the perfect way.

But there are other important things to consider. That is why here are a few steps we have gathered to make sure your lipstick is always looking good.

Smooth and clean lips

The first step is to exfoliate the lips. Buff your lips gently with a wet toothbrush or a lip scrub. If you can do this every time before applying lipstick, that's great. If not, that's also okay. Just make sure you exfoliate them before applying a matte lipstick. Regular exfoliation is crucial, but it's even more necessary to do it before applying matte because this helps in preventing patches.

Use lip balms with SPF

Lips are like skin. They need protection from the sun just as much the skin needs it. The lips are the thinnest skin in your body which makes it even more crucial to protect. Dermatologists recommend lip balms with SPF 30 to shield it from the sun damage. So, don't forget to pamper your lips with SPF infused balm before going for the lipstick.

Playing with colours

Throw out the old tale of staying away from bright colours. Away with wearing lipsticks based on the skin tone. Dance with colors in marriage with your natural lip tone. For natural pink lips, colors like orange or electric pink look perfect. For less natural coloured/ pale lips, try red or cherry. And, for darker lip tone, dark shades like deep maroon would not be doing too much.

Lipsticks are instant look enhancer. It adds radiance beautifies the face further. If you're new to the world of lipstick craze and are looking to get matte or creamy or shocking colours or nude or lip gloss, online shopping would be an excellent start. One last tip, never press and smudge the lips together, always blot!