Post-Facial Tips

Post-Facial Tips

After a heavenly facial treatment, there are steps to be followed to keep the skin glowing and beautiful! Whether you buy facial kit online and do it yourself at home or from a beauty salon- Here is a list of don’ts for the post-facial. Read on!

• Avoid scrubbing the face for at least a couple of days. It may irritate the skin and ruin the glow gained from the previous facial.

• Stay away from a strong face wash. Stick to face cleansing with gentle soaps/liquid to retain the moisture.

• Do not go for face-steam. During facial treatment, your pores open up. The steam may cause skin rash by tearing the capillaries.

• Avoid the application of cream or sunscreen on the face on the day of facial treatment.

• Do not go for glam makeup immediately after the facial. The makeup products may ruin the already polished skin due to the enriched chemicals in them. Always get your facial done in advance if you need to attend an event.

• The sun is not your friend on a facial day. Do not let the sun kiss the skin post the facial. Stay indoors for the rest of the day and allow your skin to breathe.

• Do not make the mistake of not drinking water. Hydration is the key. Drink enough water post facial to lock the lush of the skin.

• Avoid other beauty treatments like threading, waxing, laser, etc. Get them done before the facial or only 3-4 days after the facial.

• Avoid touching the face post the facial treatment. Keep your hands locked away and don’t let them come near the freshly polished surface.

• Generally, the salon experts give the dos and don’ts instruction or tips after the facial treatment is over. Follow them religiously to retain the facial glow for as long as possible.

Facial treatments give the skin a beauty transformation. It leaves the skin softer and cleaner. Do your research before heading out for facial service. And, if time doesn’t allow you to spend hours for a facial spa, do it yourself. Search buy facial kit online India online for various options. Happy facial pampering!