Primer Perfect Glow Face Primer | Blue Heaven Cosmetics

Primer Perfect Glow Face Primer | Blue Heaven Cosmetics

Face primers weren’t even a thing a few years back. But from the time they have been introduced in the makeup market, it’s never looking back since. Makeup primer is essentially a base set up to prepare your face as a canvas for smooth and radiating makeup application. This gives your face an even finish for long.

Why should you use a Primer?

  • Face primers hold on with the makeup for a longer period of time keeping it intact. For those who are in it for a no-makeup look, primer works the best for them.

  • Skin perfecting effect is easy to achieve with a good primer. It evens out the skin tone and acts as a lighter foundation alternative.

  • Fine lines and blur spots can be instantly smoothened with a good primer.
    Choosing the perfect primer

Choosing the perfect primer

A first thing first is to choose a primer that suits your skin type best. The ideal thing to do is to choose a primer that fits any skin type. These primers serve a variety of purposes when considering the sensitive skin as well.

Primer is a boon for those struggling with blur lines and fine lines or those who have a calm irritation in the skin and want to achieve a radiant glow. A little primer application sets a base canvas for the makeup which eventually enhances the effect of makeup to its maximum.

For those eyeing for a, no makeup but makeup look on a daily basis; primers works perfectly for them. A little primer instead of a heavy foundation works best for daily.

How to apply the Primer

Primer is your one-stop destination to achieve a prime perfect look. Its therefore important o know the basic method of applying a primer the right way to achieve that perfect flawless glow.

  1. Use your fingertips to apply the primer as it really helps the product to blend with the skin tone carefully.

  2. Wash your skin with a gentle soothing cleanser before applying the primer.

  3. Apply a skin type pro foundation gently on the face.

  4. Drop by drop, apply primer and blend it evenly.

The primer has become the got makeup cosmetic to achieve an all-day glow.