Finding the right shade of foundation for your skin can be a task. With so many different types of foundations available in the market, it can be quite confusing at times. Glide through our expert tip to know, how to get a full coverage foundation look.

There are two different types of foundation available in the market, the liquid foundation and the mousse foundation. Both the foundation works differently for different skin combinations. Mousse Foundation Application.

  • Mousse foundation works great for an oily to combination skin and gives the right kind of powdered creamy finish base for the makeup.

  • Take a flat brush and apply parts of the foundation on your forehead, cheekbones, and your neck.

  • Smoothly blend the foundation in downwards direction. Do not blend it in upwards direction or it will make your facial hair stand.

  • Use a stippling brush and blend the foundation in a circular motion to set the makeup for a radiant glow.

  • In case of no brushes, use your fingers and blend in a regular motion and avoid any fleeciness on the skin.

Liquid Foundation Application

  • Liquid foundation is great for dry skin combination skin.
  • Take a pit of the foundation and run it down from your jawline to your neck to match the skin tone.
  • Even tone the foundation and reduce any grey patch effect with the help of a concealer.

When you’re absolutely done with the base look, apply a nice colored Kajal along with Mascara and a bright lipstick shade. Add an exclamation to the look with a nice shimmer effect and get the perfect full
coverage look in just a few minutes.